Rethinking the Value of Chromatography Technology in the Cannabis Industry

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Chromatography plays an important role in purification and testing in the cannabis and hemp-derived CBD industries. But its use is mainly reserved for testing labs and larger manufacturers. RotaChrom Technologies is changing that by making this technology available to a wider set of businesses, shifting our perception of chromatography in the process. 

The Role of Chromatography in the Cannabis Industry

Chromatography use has become widespread throughout the cannabis and CBD industries. This lab technology separates a mixture (in this case cannabis extracts) either for analysis of a sample or to purify an extract and even isolate or remove specific compounds like cannabinoids. 

Up to this point, chromatography has primarily been used by the cannabis industry for lab testing of cannabis, accurately measuring levels of cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as checking for potential contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides and residual solvents. With third-party lab testing mandated in legal cannabis markets throughout the U.S., the technology is tightly linked to cannabis safety.

However, the technology can also be effectively harnessed to purify cannabis extracts or to isolate certain compounds within the extract itself. As the cannabis industry continues to spread and the use of cannabis extracts for vapes, edibles and more increases, the need for this type of technology will be critical to meeting consumer demand. 

RotaChrom Technologies Replaces Legacy Chromatography

For too long, the most effective and efficient purification methods have only been in the hands of large companies, putting startups and small businesses at a disadvantage. That’s because they need to turn to third-party producers or large wholesalers to source the high-quality purified cannabis extracts they need to formulate their products.

RotaChrom Technologies puts preparative use of chromatography into the hands of mid-range cannabis companies looking to move processing of cannabis extracts in-house, giving them much greater control over extract specifications and quality.

The founders of RotaChrom Technologies come from a background in pharmaceuticals, so they have unique insight into ingredient purification technology. The company began their work 15 years ago in an effort to improve that way businesses purify raw materials. Their innovative equipment is the first commercial Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) system to offer the technology on an industrial scale for the cannabis space. This ensures cost effective purification technology is available for smaller-sized businesses. This purification technology can be used to purify raw materials with greater consistency, including creating THC-free broad spectrum extracts or isolating specific cannabinoids like CBD, CBN and more.

There are also environmental advantages to the RotaChrom Technologies CPC platform. A green technology, it requires less solvent consumption than comparative methods and produces far less waste since up to 98% of solvent material is recoverable and reusable in the system. This also reduces operating costs for businesses using this technology. 

Investment in RotaChrom CPC instruments saves businesses in the long run by allowing them to complete their purification process in their own facilities. As a new customer, before you get started, the company demonstrates how the technology is being effectively used by current customers and how it can impact businesses like yours looking to make the switch.

They will also work with your team to conduct feasibility and pilot studies, as well as consult on process development and factory design. Comprehensive training offered by RotaChrom Technologies allows for ideal use of the technology by your team. Their commercial support guides your team at every step and assists in troubleshooting any issues preventing optimal output. With little experience, operators can fine tune the purification process to achieve their desired results. 

RotaChrom Technologies will scale with your business to grow along with you, offering a choice in hardware to fit your capacity needs. The technology is also adaptable to create cannabis and CBD extracts of differing purities and composition on the same machine, so you can continue to innovate your brands. A dynamic purification solution, RotaChrom instruments can keep you competitive in a booming cannabis industry.

Mid-sized cannabis companies who are ready to move the purification process to their own facility are trading their current supply woes for the ability to closely control ingredient purity, giving them an edge over their market competitors. Versatile chromatography technology is the advantage they need to reach this next plateau.

You can learn more about RotaChrom CPC systems here

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